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Installation & De-installation
We have a worldwide network of installers ready to fulfill your installation needs. Members
of our Installer Network are well trained in VSAT installation, TCP/IP networking, computer troubleshooting, 802.11x and much more. We can provide installation and de-installation services for 1.2m to 13m antennas. No project is too big; no building is too tall... We
tackle every challenge.
VSAT Installation

- Cost Savings!
When installing large networks it becomes cost prohibitive to deploy installers from a central location to every remote site. We have two major installer networks at your service. Our US network has installers in virtually every metropolitian area. Worldwide we have
qualified installers present in over 30 countries.
- Trained Personnel!
Before each project begins the customers receive a list of qualifications for every installer
to be involved in the process. Installers are then trained on the specifics of your network and equipment before they are ever deployed.
- Satellite, Data, Video....
Our installers understand computer, networking and video; not just satellite installation.
They are able to set up your turn-key remote systems in their entirety saving our customers
the additional cost of deploying in-house technicians.
Earth Station Installation
- Quality!
Major hubs and earth stations are the heart of satellite networks. If a hub should fail, your complete network is in jeopardy. We pride ourself in providing the highest quality installation services.
- Trained Personnel!
When deploying our earth station installation team we make sure to include all necessary expertise. Our hub installers have well documented experience in : RF system, large
antennas, networking equipment, VSAT networks and much more.
Whether you are buying new or used equipment, we can provide you with a turnkey solution. Turnkey to us means no worries on your part, we'll take care of the whole process.
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