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We are an end-to-end satellite solutions provider, specializing in the design and development of affordable, high quality satellite systems and content delivery solutions. With quality, performance and reliability as our top priority, we offer satellite solutions from the most reputable satellite equipment manufacturers, at the lowest possible prices!

DISITRON is based in Miami Florida with fully equipped test and repair labs to support its sale of satellite telecommunication equipment. DISITRON has a fully loaded warehouse in Miami, maintaining inventory of new, surplus, and pre-owned equipment, with focus on most used, non-proprietary items such as antennas, HPAs, Transceivers, LNBs, Modems, Modulators, encoders, upconverters, etc...

We also stock the most commonly used integration materials such as rigid and flexible wave guides, cables, connectors, etc.

DISITRON has provided satellite telecommunications solutions to customers in over 100 different countries.

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